Promotion Readiness Quiz

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. Being here means you’re looking for ways to advance your career to the next level. And no matter where you are on your career path, you’ll find helpful feedback that will set you up for your next promotion.

Before we dive into the quiz, I want to make something clear. You already have many of the skills you’ll need to reach and thrive at the executive level, but if you don’t have the power and influence you desire there are still a few pieces missing from your professional development that are stopping you from advancing to your next level of leadership.

I created this quiz to help you unlock those missing pieces.

This quiz will help you discover the areas where you are excelling in your leadership development – and the areas where you’re going off track. This knowledge is absolutely essential for breaking through to the executive level.

Take the free quiz now so you can arm yourself with the knowledge you need to stop being passed over for promotions and receive the position you already deserve.