Great Leadership Assessment: Because Great Leaders Are Made, Not Born

Hey friend!

Jen Coken here, and I'm thrilled to see you stepping up to embrace your leadership potential. If you're reading this, you've intentionally chosen to evolve and grow, pushing the boundaries of 'good enough.' And who wants just good enough when we can strive for greatness?

Regardless of the path that led you here or the outcome of your assessment, I want to say, 'Welcome!' Your presence is already contributing to the revolution of leadership we so desperately need in our world. 

The Great Leadership Assessment is your tool to unearth two critical aspects of your personal leadership journey:

1. How do you stack up against the leader you aspire to be?

2. What gaps could be impeding your journey toward exemplary leadership?

Your results are your beacon, illuminating the path toward those leadership breakthroughs you seek. Whether your aim is to augment how you manifest as a leader, influence perceptions of your leadership, or expand your impact - this assessment is your first step.

Don't forget to check your inbox right after completing the assessment! Your score, along with a roadmap of your next best steps, will land there, waiting to be discovered. Together, let's embark on this exciting journey of transforming you into not just a leader but a beacon of greatness.

With Gratitude,