Membership Assessment

Thank you for your interest in membership. At The Wellness Universe, we are committed to learn more about you, your business and what difference you want to make in the world as a wellness professional. We seek to partner with you on your success journey!

To help fulfill our mission of supporting you at the highest level, the team has designed a short assessment to help us understand where you are on your path and where we can support you in growing your professional practice and how that aligns with membership. 

Please allow 15 minutes to complete the assessment. Once complete, be sure to check your inbox right away for your results which will inform you if The Wellness Universe is a fit for you and application details.

To what’s possible!

Anna Pereira & The Wellness Universe Team

Our Vision

Global peace by way of happy, healthy, healed human beings.

Our Mission

To make wellness accessible to everyone.

Our Purpose

We offer diverse, positive experiences in emotional, environmental, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual well-being to support the overall health of individuals and groups.