Professionals Training Quiz

Training Quiz for Professionals Specializing in Eating Disorders

If you’re like most professionals treating individuals with eating disorders, chances are you want to have a giant toolbox of effective, innovative, evidence-based, and user-friendly strategies and methodologies to help your clients have lasting recovery, and live with feeling free and at peace with food and their bodies.

In order to help your clients fully recover, most professionals want to help clients navigate and challenge the often untrusty waters in the culture, health care, and media.  Some health professionals may have some of these issues themselves and may be unaware of how to counter--and correct--the conflicting messages at their 's client primary's doctors office, or on their favorite social media channels, etc. 

This is exactly why I’ve created the Professionals Training Quiz.  In as little as 4 minutes you’ll not only identify the areas where you feel you are rocking it in your professional development and doing well, you’ll also discover areas that might help your clients focus on, and transform specific behaviors in a way that helps them to have less resistance, more motivation, and greater commitment to recovery.

After taking this assessment/quiz, check your inbox right away. You will find a summary of your results and some possible next steps to creating more ease and less frustration working with your clients, and to offering them more tools and strategies for transforming their ED behaviors into self-care practices.  With your guidance, these practices become uniquely self-sustainable, replacing the old behaviors. Surprisingly then, additional areas begin to surface where your client not only trusts your abilities, they also enjoy the process of finding their own unique answers and practices toward health and happiness.